I should probably have kept my mouth shut.

I had to go and brag about having only one scene left. Well. That was just stupid. I won’t be doing that again. So far I’ve rewritten part of this three times, taking three different attempts. It was too confusing at first, characters were performing actions only because I thought it would be neat instead of, you know, because it made sense for them to perform those actions. Also, I stumbled onto a character that turned into something more than I expected. That happens. You think you’ve got a character pegged and that they’ll step into the story, deliver a telegram or whatever, then disappear. Only they don’t. And you’ve got this character that won’t act like you want him to, and you know it would crush the entire scene if you forced him, so you just let him go. Large parts of these characters usually get trimmed during editing, but that’s only because I’m feeling my way through them and you have to trim to get down to a normal level. So, yeah, I’ve got one of those.


  1. Write, dammit, write