Plowing ahead appears to be the right choice, although I need work on my time management skills so I don’t get caught like this again. And, while I thought I was giving myself a break by writing a story I had already let gel in my head, I didn’t remember how weird it can be to pick something up that’s easily two years old and try to write it. For example, for reasons I can’t remember, this story takes place in the dead of winter. It’s, like, eight million degrees out in the city. Trying to remember a bitter cold night in New York while you’re barely comfortable with the air conditioner on full blast is odd. Trying to take that feint memory you come up with and write it….I don’t know. I think you usually wind up overwriting something like this, so that synonyms for the word cold appear way too often. But you do what you can in the first draft and trim all you can in the second.