I drank way too much caffeine this morning. Granted, I wrote 3,500 words before eleven. But then I took a break to watch some Good Eats and my stomach is really hurting. Time to swap over to water for awhile.

At any rate, I’m currently trying to find a good song to write to. Some people I know don’t listen to music when they write, I have a hard time getting going without some. Once I get going what I’m listening to becomes irrelevant. I’ll pull away from my keyboard and look over my play-list and see that the last song I can actually remember hearing is five, ten, fifteen songs past. But to get going I like a little something. Also I think I need some distractions when I write. First draft anyway. Too much focus on what I’m doing and I wind up with writer’s block. It’s not always music, granted. There was a time when I’d put the movie Good Fellas on and let it play over and over again while I wrote.

At any rate, I’m currently sick of all of my music so I’m using Pandora to fulfill my musical needs. So I’m waiting for the right song before I start. There was a switch in the tone of this story right where I decided to take my break, so I figure I’d try and find the right mood, something new now that I’m going to pick it back up again in this new mood. Or maybe I’m procrastinating. This is starting to sound like bullshit so I’m probably procrastinating.


  1. go, don, go! how did you do that so fast? one scene left?

    i like melancholy, folky, girl music to get me working. probably not your thing, though.