It’s possible I just woke up my neighbor.

I think I mentioned on here how great a feeling it is to finally finish a story. I can now mention from experience how far in the opposite direction the feeling is that comes after you finish a story and then Word closes and you lose your entire night’s work. I feel like I just got turned inside out. I have no idea what to do right now. I tried swearing really really loudly but that didn’t do much. Then I tried going through the various file recovery things that Word offers but that didn’t work either, so I wound up swearing some more. It’s gone. Everything I wrote tonight.

Writing this actually helped calm me down a bit but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to work through it all again which means I’ll be rushing and frustrated and sloppy and skip over some things but that I’ll have more editing time, or if I should let it rest tonight and rewrite it tomorrow night which means damned little rewrite time.

This has been a rather trying story. It’s fitting in a lot of ways.


  1. Michele says:

    How terrible, though whenever this has happened to me – while terrible and distressing – my ‘new’ end product has always been 100 times better than the old one. Happy writing, can’t wait for the story.