Should have seen this coming.

I don’t know how this always sneaks up on me, but for some reason I very often find myself thinking, “Oh good, only one scene left, I’m almost done,” and I never seem to catch on that the number of scenes left is basically irrelevant. This is a pretty long scene I’ve got left. Naturally that in no way occurred to me. No idea why. Stupid scene.

Plus it’s a “talky” scene, the whole point of the scene is the conversation that takes place within it and that can get weird. You have this conversation that you know you want to happen, and you have both sides basically worked out, or at least you know the angles, only you need something else as well. You need…I don’t know…filler I guess. Or toppings. Or padding. Or whatever you want to call it. You need a lead in. If you really want your characters to talk about transcendental existentialism, you can’t very well have one character turn to another character and say, “Gee this weather is cold. By the way, would you care to give me all the thoughts you have about transcendental existentialism?” People rarely dive into conversations. They lead up to them. So you need padding. But I’ve got a fever and I’ve written 1,000 words tonight so I’ll be coming back to this in the morning and I’m pretty sure I’ll leave the padding until the rewrites. It can be easier to add it in then sometimes.