Sisyphus was a pansy.

I’m nowhere with this story. The choice I was talking about yesterday still exists…do I abandon my original idea and run with something that’s more me right now or do I stretch myself, most likely, too thin and try to dredge up the original concept. This is why it’s good to write something rather quickly or forget about it entirely. You see, because this story has been sitting in my head for a good three years now I started to fall in love with the way I saw it shaping up. I thought I had a good match between my setting and story and characters. Only, now, sitting here, I keep trying to pin down the original concept and it keeps slipping away.

Basically the story (as all stories) is a couple of characters hashing out their problems. And I’ve forgotten my in to those problems.

Now see if you can follow this. To write sad you need to be sad. Not through the entire story, but you need somewhere to hang your hat. You need a seed. You need a good base. Truthfully it’s a lot like my understanding of how method actors work. When you need sad you dig up sad and you, very very carefully, begin to hang ornamentation on it, dressing it up for your character, and if you do it gently enough you can take the original lump of sad and massage into a living breathing person. And I had the perfect lumps of sad for these various characters, a different little mental paper cut for all of them, but I’ve lost it. Sort of. The thing is, as I mentioned, I fell in love with this damned story in my head over the course of the past few years, so over the past two days I keep going around and around the same loop. Either I decide to forget the old concept, which I love, because I can’t find the sad. Only this has yet to fail to make me a little sad. So then I start to think, hey, I’ve got a decent lump of sad now, maybe I can work with this, at which point I mentally switch over to maybe trying the old concept, which cheers me up immediately. I can’t think of a more perfect impossible situation.

Granted I could just turf this to the side and write some garbage, but I’m not real keen on that idea.

Whatever, I’m going to try listening to Coldplay.