Two down…

I’m not going to say much about this story. I’m pretty certain there won’t be a recap. I’d like to leave this gruelling piece of work behind me, thank you. Really the only thing I want to say is to the readers who only have Liquid Calling as a sample of what I write. I tend to bounce around from genre to genre, you”ll figure that out over the course of the year, but considering my first (and for some only) story was what it was I feel obligated to tell you that there is no huge twist or strange deaths coming in this story. I really only mention it because I know that sometimes you can get your wheels spinning thinking you’re seeing clues that aren’t there and then you get to the end and you’ve missed the whole story because you’re waiting for the twist. I’m not saying I play this one entirely straight, far be it from me to ever do that, but there’s no giant plot twist. It just is what it is. Sort of.

On a technical note, I’ve implemented a “See More” break a few paragraphs into the story. This is to avoid having a giant six thousand word post in the middle of my blog. Hopefully I did this right and it doesn’t mess anything up.

Also I’ve added a separate “Stories” category. Now you can either go to one particular story and see all the blogging that leads up to it as well as any follow up, or you can go to the “Stories” category and just see all the stories lined up. Hopefully that will make this a little easier, but I’m pretty sure this is bound to get messy by the time I’ve got twenty-six stories floating around on here.

Oh, and this one really came down to the wire so I’m pretty sure there are some typos in there. If you see one please let me know, you can just post it in a comment. I can delete them once I’ve corrected the typos so there won’t be a bunch of outdated comments.

Anyway, happy reading.


  1. Tedra wasn’t even here yet…how can she be winning? Looking forward to reading the new installment.

  2. This is not my favorite. However, I couldn’t write 26 stories in 52 weeks.