Far be it from me to actually write a short story.

When I started this project I somehow managed to block out of my head the fact that I can’t keep my damned mouth shut when my fingers are touching a keyboard. This story is 8,000 words already and still growing. Hopefully I’ll be able to trim some of this, but I feel like it’s the bare bones as it is. I should be done with three stories by this point, but no, I’m still rattling on with this one. And it’s horrifying because I managed to pull a rather interesting idea out of nowhere last Thursday, but with the limited time I have left I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it justice. Believe me, that’s a painful thought. You should never fall in love with your ideas, just have them and execute them and move on. Especially when your idea requires you to practically invent a new world in three days.

Plus, I don’t have a title yet.

This is not going well and I am so very tired.