Fourth time going to the well.

It’s strange, but I was in exactly the same place two weeks ago. I had the tiniest bit of something in my head. So tiny you could barely say it was more than nothing. I had a guy, and I thought he wore glasses, and he was at a wedding. And I got my story done. I met that last deadline, but right now I can’t in any way keep that information in my head. All I can think is that with a deadline in ten days there’s no way I can take this little itty bitty next to nothing in my head and turn it into something. And I’m pretty sure that no matter how many times I do this, the same fear and bafflement at what I have to do will be with me. No matter how many times that tiny nothing turns into a whole story, it’s still basically impossible to have faith that it will happen again. It’s just so hard to ever believe that the well isn’t going to run dry and to actually accept that the creative process might materialize yet again.

Anyway, ten days out and only two details rattling around in my head. It really isn’t a choice any more, those two details have to blossom into a story. And you all are in for a treat.