Okay, time to roll up the ol’ sleeves.

I was looking over the posts from last story and I guess I’m not completely screwed yet. Apparently things didn’t coalesce for Second Choice until the Thursday before it was due, giving me a week to put it together. But I think I’ve got even less to start with here, plus my weekend is filling up so I’ve got less time to work with, plus it was a tight-wire act keeping that last story under control (reception has been good but I was convinced it had gotten away from me and spiralled off into a train wreck), plus…well plus quite frankly I’d like to not be hard up against my deadline for once on this project.

Basically, this is what I’ve got. Here’s my whimsical idea. I’ve got it into my head to somehow write about a laundromat where the various types of clothes come into conflict. You know, you’ve got the Lights and the Darks and the Delicates and…I don’t know. All I know is it’s pretty out there and it’s pretty hard not to sound like a racist talking about Lights versus Darks. I guess it worked for George Lucas. At any rate, I think it’s time to fall back with faith upon my creative process (a paraphrasing of sorts from my inspiration/guy-who-got-me-into-this-mess, Jonathan Coulton) and just start writing some things. That will help solidify it, I hope, so my head can get around it and maybe come up with a decent storyline, cause all I’ve got right now is a gimmick. Most likely I’ll just kick around characters tonight, I’ve mentioned before how making choices for them can help guide you into a story sometimes. Anyway, here goes.


  1. good luck. Here is a thought. All clothes have a special purpose. What if a there was a disgreement between them as to who has the most importance in the wearer’s life