Stupid Wizards

Naturally with only ten days left, nothing written yet, and nothing but a complete unknown in front of me for the current story, it made perfect sense to ignore this project for three days and spend all of my spare time reading the final Harry Potter book. So, sorry I haven’t been posting and sorry if the next story seems wildly rushed but Harry Potter ate my life.

And, not only did he steal some of my free time, but now I’m in a bit of a fantastical mood. I never hear other writers talk about this, so maybe it’s just me, but I tend to absorb some of whatever I’m reading. If I like whatever I’m reading then it seems like a neat trick and I sort of tinker with the idea of maybe trying something like that, and if I hate whatever I’m reading than I get the urge to try and do it better. This is just another warning that I have a hard time staying in one genre. What doesn’t change, though, is my voice. I used to think it did but I’ve come to the conclusion that when I think my voice is different because of some strong influence that I’m reading, it’s actually more like when I’m singing along to AC/DC and I think I sound just like Brian Johnson (or Bon Scott) but if you were to turn off the radio it would still only be me doing a horrible falsetto. You follow?

Point being, with 24 more stories to go I’m basically bound to try anything, but if you stick with me you’ll start to get a feel for how I write, and that never changes no matter what the genre. It should make things pretty interesting when I cave in and write a story about space monkeys attacking.