This is getting interesting.

There are always ideas floating around in the back of my head for stories. Truthfully I think that these are just slightly modified versions of the stuff everybody has floating around in the back of their heads. Most people wonder if they remembered to pay the electric bill or what have you and it just sits there, but for some reason when I’m thinking about whether or not I remembered to pay the electric bill it sometimes solidifies into characters and dialogue which, if I continue to think about them, work with them, toy with them, can get fleshed out into stories. This happens on a daily basis; while I’m, say, walking down the sidewalk there will be a little tug and I’ll get a glimpse of someone doing or saying something and then it’ll be gone. Every once and awhile I’ll get the tug it will seeem interesting enough to, as I mentioned, play with a bit and maybe see if there’s a story behind it. What I’m learning for this project, though, is that I in no way have the luxury of rejecting the few ideas that solidify outright. I’ve got to make myself play with anything that clicks in my head to see if I can work a story out of it. Anything. Which is just the long way around of saying, unless lightning strikes inside my head over the weekend, we’re in for one rather strange story two Thursdays from now.


  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes i get flashes at the most inopportune time. I never have that pad and pen or that tape recorder with me. Sometimes it can be reconstructed, other time, its lost.