This is insane.

10,000 words. Yeah. You heard me. 10,000 words and I don’t have an ending yet. That’s not to say this is a long rambling boring thing with no point. I’m just saying I’m at the end but I can’t figure out which scene to finish with. It’s like I’ve written an entire song and I’m down to the last three notes, just the little twirl at the end, but I know that if I put them one way then the song works, and if I put them another way than it’s okay but it’s not quite the same. And I can’t figure out which note should be last.

Also I have no title. I’ve got about eight billion possible titles, but nothing really is jumping out at me. It could be that there isn’t any real great title but I’ll continue to think on this tomorrow and maybe something will come to me. With my luck it’ll pop into my head as I’m walking down the sidewalk and I’ll laugh out-loud and start talking to myself and everyone will look at me funny. Believe me, that happens. If you write you know what I’m talking about.