Call me What’s-His-Face.


My first draft for this week is done.  That is a very good feeling.  I haven’t been done with my story this early in awhile.  I think since the last time I visited with Matthew and Epp.

That being said there are any number of things that I’m not feeling so good about.  For starters I still don’t have a title.  If you’re reading this at a later date then I’ve already come up with a title and changed the category to follow suit, but right now the category is still labeled: “Untitled 6.”  And that’s kind of scary.  Now, normally it isn’t wildly scary not to have a title, you can always come up with something, it’s just that the title I thought I was going to use was pretty straightforward, and I can’t in good conscience use it because this story is still a little all over the place right now.  I was going to call it “Three Lessons.”  Not the sexiest of titles, but since this story comes after “Second Choice” I thought it fit nicely…fun with counting.  And the story was supposed to revolve around Epp teaching, you guessed it, three lessons to various people.  Only that simple structure sort of imploded and I don’t know what’s going on now. 

Basically I think something needs to be cut.  There’s too much going on and I think one of the story-lines has to go, only I can’t figure out which.  One is an obvious candidate, but the more I think about it the more it seems to me that nothing can be cut, not because I’m wildly in love with all of it, but because of logistics.  That is to say there sort of need to be a few people in each of these scenes or these conversations and actions wouldn’t really work out the way they do, they’d resolve a lot easier.  I don’t know.  Sometimes, when you see a movie or read a book, you wonder why a certain character had to be there in the first place, and it seems like it would have been super easy to just cut them out entirely.  What I’m here to say is that oftentimes what you’re missing is that it makes perfect sense to remove that character right up until you actually do, at which point you realize that things just don’t work without them.  They were sort of “load-bearing” characters. 

Rewrites should be fun.