Everything must jumble.

puzzle pieces

Strange things are afoot here.  I’ve got the story all set.  I know I do.  I can see every last little part and I can see how it all fits together…but for some reason it isn’t all fitting together.  I don’t know if I’m missing something very integral or what.  Or sometimes it all seems to work out so well in your head, but then when you sit down and start typing the scenes don’t fit together.  They look nice when situated close to each other, but the transitions aren’t there.  And that can get tricky because you’ve got to build bridges of some sort to get you from A to B, only sometimes the bridge can be very stubborn and refuse to connect to B unless B changes in some little way. 

On the other hand I might just be full of that wonderful “doubt” stuff I’m always talking about.  This story covers a lot of ground.  Not that you should expect anything less when Matthew and Epp get together.  But there’s a genuine fear here that I’ve overstepped some sort of boundary and this is becoming rambling and nonsensical.  In other words, it might not be that I can’t fit the pieces together, it might be that there are too many pieces to begin with and I should trim some.  But I like all the pieces.  And they all seem necessary.  So…so it’s just back to work for me.  Hopefully answers will come from the story itself.  They always seem to.