Me and my big mouth.


Yesterday I decided that this current story was going to bring back some characters from a previous story. I was excited. This was exciting. Now, about twenty-four hours later, I realize some of the negatives of this choice.

Pressure, for starters. Generally people seemed to ally like this story and I’ve decided to go back to the lives of these characters and muck about. For that matter I liked this story; I liked playing with these characters and cohabiting their world. There’s a lot of pressure here not to screw this up, not to go all Jar-Jar on this thing.

Doubt is another one. Am I really up for this? I took my time crafting that first story, am I only going back because I think it’ll be easy to mine more material or am I going back because I honestly think there’s more meat on that particular bone? Am I turning this into something akin to those horrible cinema pairings that were okay for the first match-up but then got worse and worse with each new movie?

Fear. What on earth did I agree to do here? Do I remember these two guys as well as I think I do? I know I created them and all but these character things can be awful slippery. They were just short-story characters before this, they had the benefit of not getting known, you know, too well by my readers. What if I flesh out more of them and they turn out to be losers? Boring losers? What if I get three paragraphs in and they’re doing nothing but sitting around, glancing awkwardly at each other, striving to make small talk about the weather?

How do I do this? Do I recap at the beginning of this new story? Do I go over somewhere in a paragraph or two everything that happened in “Second Choice”? That seems silly. Do I put it across in dialogue? Do I do anything?

Maybe I just shut up and write the story. With seven days left that course seems wisest.