My pledge.

This story is shaping itself up to be almost…nice. I think I might actually be writing something with a happy ending. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before. It’s a little disconcerting. I mean, a happy ending is in the eye of the beholder. I do sort of consider most of my work to have happy endings. Then again when I see that painting, Nighthawks, I think, “Gee, what a cozy little scene.” Maybe that’s what everyone thinks. What do I know? Painting isn’t my thing.

At any rate, I’d just like all of my long-time readers out there to know that after this story I’m going to get back to killing people. It’s been almost two stories without a single on-screen death. I’d hate to think I’d gone soft.


  1. maybe you are getting in touch with your softer side. . .!