On a first name basis with Jesus


Man.  I don’t know what I just did.  I was trying to put in a new plug-in so that the most popular posts would show up on the sidebar.  But something went a little wrong and then something else went a little wrong and before I knew it I was wading with reckless abandon into the inner-workings of this website.  It was probably stuff you learn in your second class of Website-Building 101, but I didn’t know what I was doing and at one point I finally drew back and discovered that I had completely destroyed everything.  Everything was gone.  Everything I had written was gone and the website was gone and going to this address just gave an error message. 

That’s where the title of this post comes from.  I said his name a lot.  Not in a very calm voice, either.  I probably sound at-ease talking about it now but another indication of how completely freaked out I was is that I went out and bought a pack of cigarettes.  I didn’t smoke one.  But I bought them. 

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details of my miraculous escape, but it looks like I got everything back and up and running so I’m going to wipe my hands of this and take away the valuable lesson that you should always back up your work…even if you don’t have the slightest idea how to back up a Squirrelly Data Board or whatever it was that Jesus and I did.  He’s a cagey one, that Jesus. 

And, of course, that killed quite a few hours that I was supposed to have spent writing this week’s story, which is moving along but I’d really be a  lot more comfortable with a few more scenes done by tonight.  And also there appear to be question marks EVERYwhere throughout the old posts.  I’m going to stop thinking about this and go into denial for a little while.