Pulling A Rabbit Out of My Head

Thinking Man


When I started this project I hoped for…well I hoped for a lot of things. But one thing I hoped for was that I would shed some light on the whole writing process by using these daily entries. I’ve been looking over old posts and I can’t tell if I’ve been doing that or not.

I’m most certainly getting across the anxiety of a deadline fast approaching, or at least I’m writing about it a lot. And I’m getting across how at some point at the beginning of every story there is nothing. It’s just that I’m not sure I’m filling in the gaps between “nothing” and “something.” You’d think that with one entry a day (okay, I skip the weekends now but all that means is that whatever I was going to say gets smooshed into one entry on Sunday night) I’d have a few posts about nothing, then !KAPOW! there’ d be this inspirational post where sunlight bursts through the clouds and birds flutter around and then I’d move on to the posts about how my deadline is approaching. But I’m not sure that’s happening. And I’m not even sure it’s possible for that to happen.

That moment, the sunlight through the clouds moment, is awful difficult to capture. Because it isn’t a moment, it’s a long slow fleshing out of a story. And it happens in little bits in pieces as I’m walking down the sidewalk so that I don’t even notice it happening anymore. I’ll leave my apartment in the morning with not so much of my story worked out, and when I get home much much more of my story is worked out. It’s…well it’s kind of weird now that I think about it.

Anyway, my point here is that this time, this time I’m really going to try to pinpoint when things come together. Even if that means (and this is something I’m not fond of doing but I’ll give it a whirl for this one) talking about specifics in my story before I’ve finished the story (really, I don’t like doing that…I feel it steals the mojo. So if this story has no mojo then you’ll know why. Or I might just decide to ignore my pledge here and write this story the same way I have the past six.)

I promise.

Right now, though, I’ve got nothing.