Six Stories Finished

Kids Diving

Some things are getting easier, some are getting harder.

It seems perfectly normal now that I’ll go ahead and start putting together a story tomorrow. I know that used to seem strange to me but now it doesn’t register. It has completely normalized. A story is always coming due. I get that now and thinking ahead to how many are left or looking back to how many have gone doesn’t take up a lot of my day. It’s just walkin’ time. Plain and simple.

On the other hand the routine is starting to get to me in a different way. All of these stories have come down to the wire, some a lot more than others, and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to meet my deadline. The problem comes from the fact that confidence is great but it doesn’t mean I should blow off trying to put anything together until I only have three days left. But since for the past few stories I have only started real typing, at most, the Sunday before the due date (Wednesday night is technically the deadline, I just set the stories up to post automatically on Thursday while I’m at work) I’ve got it into my head that this is perfectly normal and I should keep doing that. Which is stupid. I should get as much done each day as possible, if not for the sake of my mental well-being during those last three days, than at least for the story’s sake so that it has as much time as possible to gel and get reworked in my head and on paper before I post it.

But the tendency is to continue to do things the same way if it’s working. I think maybe I’ll do something drastic and force myself to start actual writing on Saturday or something. I don’t know. I just met another deadline. For today I’m taking it easy.