The Ins and Outs of my Sunday

I’ve been sitting at my desk for most of today struggling to work on an “About Me” page and I’m getting nowhere. This is partly because nine hours of football coverage has been airing on the TV just off to my right. It’s hard for me not to watch football. I’m not a huge fan of any team and I don’t memorize players or stats and I have a hard time remembering who won past Superbowls, but for some reason whenever football is on I watch it. I just like watching the plays unfold and the strategy and the hitting and the broken tackles for long runs and all that. It’s strangely poetic to me.

So most of my day has been spent on my couch or sitting at my desk staring at the television. I have a book of crossword puzzles that I was working on as well. I’ve done about a million of them. When you get clues like “Beauty and ___ Beast” you know you’re not doing a very difficult crossword puzzle. This is all very lazy-Sunday stuff and it has come about partly because this is the first day of football season, partly because I’m a little beat up from last night, and partly because sitting and staring is a pretty important part of writing and when I get a chance to do a lot of it I try and take it. After all I’m supposed to pull a story out of thin air in the next eleven days. Granted, maybe I should have gone to the park with my journal and done some people watching, but, well, football.

Like I said, there’s a poetry in this stuff for me. Of course along with that poetry I am forced to once again watch network television ads. I have a DVR so I usually watched prerecorded stuff and, thus, can skip over the ads. Pre-recording sports isn’t quite the same so I try to watch them live which means I’ve watched more ads today than I’ve probably seen in a year. And almost all of them are awful. I feel stupider for having watched them. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good kick-to-the-crotch beer ad or artistically done shoe campaign, but after the first two commercial breaks you’re really left with nothing but crap. Repetitive crap. Over and over. I’d forgotten just how terrible that can be. Don’t get me started on the announcer’s banter.

So I’ll mute my TV and try to get some actual writing if there’s a blowout on or if it’s halftime. As I said, I was trying to write up an “About Me” page for most of today and I got very little done. Which is really what I came on here to write about but the lazy-Sunday atmosphere prompted a more free flowing post. My point about the “About Me” page, or lack thereof, is that it amazes me that I can sit down and basically write a 10,000 word long lie that I fully expect you to spend your hard earned free-time reading and that feels pretty normal to me. But if you ask me to write 300 words about myself, suddenly I’m stymied.

Thus goes the authors mind-set.