They’re back. I thought this might happen.

Epp?s Wallet

You have to understand, I had very little planned as far as how this whole thing was going to go. I had those first two stories and, really, I didn’t think very far beyond that because if I had then I never would have started this project and that would have been a shame because frankly I think I needed a challenge. Or a push. Or a test.

I’ve also talked to the point of vomiting about how this all happens and how when the clock starts ticking loudly I sort of need to take whatever idea is largest and run with it. I still, technically, have time to kick this current idea and try to scratch out something else, but I don’t think I’m going to. I sort of like the idea of what’s happening. Which is that one of the previous stories spilled over while it was inside of my head and now parts of it are still sloshing around in the back of my head. Sometimes when that happens it’s no big deal. God knows how many bits and pieces of stories have come and gone in the holding area at the back of my head.

But sometimes, sometimes those pieces are awfully powerful. I had one back there about seven years ago. Occasionally I thought I’d shaken him but then he’d always pop up, more desperate to get out than ever. It was this heavily scarred guy named Remmy. I learned with him that if I don’t find a way to let the more powerful ones out they eventually just take matters into their own hands and scratch their way out of the back of my skull on their own. 400,000 words and I still have one more book to go before Remmy’s going to be happy. Or as happy as Remmy gets, anyway.

But that has nothing to do with anything. It’s just the long way around of saying that, barring something huge gelling in the next two days, Matthew and Epp are coming back for this week’s story. Like I ever had a chance of keeping them away. It’s hard to keep someone who can pull stacks of $5000 from thin air from taking over your imagination.