This much I know.

I’ve mentioned before on here how the various books and stories I ingest while creating a story can vastly influence the final product. This is normal. What isn’t normal is the increased speed at which I’m creating new stories. Normally I might read a book about philosophy and then a book about a murder-mystery and then a book on the history of iron or something and slowly these thoughts would pool into a somewhat stable story. In other words no one thing could have that large of an influence since over the months or so that a story was cooking in the back of my mind any number of ideas would be thrown into the pot and over time things sort of settle into a homogeneous blur. Granted, over time my thoughts would evolve and change, but story to story and book to book this might not be super noticeable.

Now, though, the impact each thing I read is huge. I only take in, like, five new forms of art or thought every two weeks. And since I have to pull these stories out of somewhere I can find that they go flying off in new directions if something big happens in my life (which never happens) or if I decide to pick up a different type of book than what I’ve previously been reading (which often happens) or, as in right now, if I started a light romance story set at the Jersey Shore because I’ve been at the Jersey Shore visiting family for the past two weekends, but then I come home and watch a backlog of DVR’d episodes of The Universe on the History Channel, and suddenly thrown into the pot with my romance story are exploding neutron stars and black holes and the notion that the universe is ever expanding. It’s very weird. I’m curious to see how this effects things. An effect will be there, trust me on that, I’m just not sure it’ll be what you might expect. And also I have like none of this story written, no idea where it goes, and it’s due in three days. So it might be awful.