Welcome to the world; may I take your order?

Computers greeting each other

I started buying ads on Google two days ago. Curiosity was a driving factor. Plus, the AdWords program is so scalable that I can put in five bucks a day and reach millions of customers. Yes. I know. I sound like a rep for Google but you have to admit it’s pretty awesome. I’m nobody. I’m tiny. But for five bucks a day my ad can reach anyone using the internet…provided they perform a search based on the key words I put in. I really can’t get over it. Plus Google has about seventy different ways to crunch the numbers for you, and the data they use, well it’s Google’s data. Every search ever done on Google gets used to tell me how effective my keywords are being. And I push a button and Google suggests a whole bunch of new keywords and offers ways to punch up my ads (apparently putting “www” in front of my website name is more effective for some reason, also).

Granted, it might not work for me. My product is a little hard to identify at the moment and most of the clicks I got on the first day were for people who were searching for “sex stories” and not just “stories.” So it takes some tweaking and then I’ll have to see how many readers that come in from these ads actually stick around…which is something that Google makes very easy to figure out. And if it does work, can you imagine that?

Mass media allowed for the creation of advertising as we know it. And I pretty much hate all ads. The only ones I like are basically thirty second movies where I can’t tell you what the product was. But maybe as the information flows faster and reaches more people and the connections become more intricate, maybe as the internet shores itself up and the data starts accumulating, maybe we’ll reach a point where if I want a funny book about vampire stock-car racers, I’ll be directed right to that with minimal effort. Products going exactly where they’re wanted and needed and customers finding exactly what they want in seconds. In other words, maybe advertising as we know it is dying. It’s only about seventy years old by my very vague and shaky estimates; I’m going with radio as the first format for advertising as I mean it. But if my three line ad with Google that costs nickels to run and sits quietly on the side of the screen until someone actually wants it actually works…well call me a nerd but I think that’s pretty neat.

Oh, and I’m nowhere with my story.


  1. I love this story!I would love it to be on my website!