But can he play “Hot For Teacher” on a Glockenspiel?


I walked out of the subway at Columbus Circle this evening and I heard a bagpipe playing “Rock and Roll Part II.” If you’re having trouble placing that song, imagine you’re at a sporting event and the home team has just scored. Then you hear Ba-da-da-DAH-da-da. HEY! Ba-da-da-da. Ba-da-da-DAH-da-da. HEY! Ba-da-da-da.

Hopefully you can place it mentally and play it in your head. Then you can try to imagine walking out of the subway and hearing a bagpipe playing something that sounds familiar until you realize it’s that song.

HEY! Ba-da-da-da.

A quick visit to Wikipedia reveals that this song was a hit by Gary Glitter. I’m not a PR whiz but I’m pretty certain that when the Table of Contents for your Wikipedia page contains entries for “Child pornography arrest and conviction,” and, “Vietnam under-age sex arrest and conviction,” that this is not a good thing.

Ba-da-da-DAH-da-da. HEY!

It does explain why I haven’t heard the song much at sporting events recently. Apparently it’s somewhat looked down upon by the NFL to keep it in your stadium rotation.

It doesn’t explain why someone would actually learn how to play the thing on a bagpipe.

HEY! Ba-da-da-da.

I’m absolutely nowhere with my story. If you hadn’t guessed.