I can’t believe I need a cheat sheet.

Clean Slate

The feeling that I’m repeating myself is back. This, I hope, is only natural considering I’m diving into the same set of characters for the third time in a row. It is, however, raising all sorts of questions that I’ve never really thought about. Like how to describe these characters. I already did that once. And I think I got it pretty well. Am I supposed to come up with all new ways to describe them? I mean, on the face of it that isn’t so hard to do. But to describe them in a completely new way with any sort of poetry is a little ridiculous. I got it as close as I could to perfect the first time around, I need to try and do that again? Can I just cut and paste the old descriptions?

I mean, I guess some of the characters are going to slowly change through the progression of these stories, so I can focus on that more. But the basic underlying “This is what this guy looks like” description that I usually dash off when I first have a moment in the story to breath, those aren’t coming along so well. Right now my plan is this: go ahead and make something up on the fly, but if it happens to sound an awful lot like the first descriptions I gave of these people, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

There’s also the fun notion that I don’t remember what I wrote. I actually have both “Second Choice” and “Three Lessons” printed out and sitting on my desk for reference. Which is just weird. I didn’t write these stories too long ago and usually I’m pretty good with stuff like this, you sort of need to keep a lot of things in your head while writing an entire book, but I think slipping two completely new stories in between outings in Matthew and Epp’s world has the effect of wiping the slate clean, or at the very least running a damp towel across some parts of the slate. Especially with some of the (for now) more secondary characters.

Anyway. Things are creeping along. I’m curious now to know how this is all going to turn out.