In my mind, I’m already gone.


Okay. So I’ve got nothing. I really have no ability at the moment to sit here and write pithy things in this blog. I could stretch and come up with some lame metaphor about e-books and how they remind me of dolphins or something but I don’t think that’s going to cut it. My brain is pretty much switched off. I’m going to New Orleans tomorrow for a bachelor party and I think my mind decided that it’s vacation time already. Which means a not very interesting blog post for today, which isn’t so bad. What might be a problem is if I haven’t written enough of this week’s story yet, because the odds of me getting much done tomorrow morning are sort of slim and I don’t get back till Sunday and this could cause all sorts of problems. This is, I’m realizing now, the longest I’ll be away from a computer since I’ve started this project. Oh well. We’ll see what happens.
I did do one cool thing tonight. I watched about eight million hours of House, M.D. That isn’t particularly cool, but while watching I heard a cello song that’s popped up a few other places. I never knew what it was but I always liked. So I went to Google and searched for “What song is playing in House MD episode” and it sent me to a website that has all the songs used in House MD listed by episode. I located the episode, found the song, went on I-tunes, purchased the song, and am listening to it now. The internet never ceases to amaze me. I mean, does anyone even remember when you used to hear a familiar song in a TV show and you were then basically able to do nothing about it? You had to either hope that someone in the room knew it, or wait until you got to school the next day and hope that not only did someone else watch that TV show, but that they also noticed the song and knew the identity of that song. Hahaha…take that, social interaction!