It’s practically like I’ve written a Haiku

 Short Story

I never thought I’d see the day but I might have actually written a short Short Story.  I can’t make any guarantees but if this wraps up the way I think it’s going to I’m going to be around 3,000 words.  This qualifies as one of the shortest stories I’ve ever written.  I feel dirty somehow.

The options of what’s going on here are that A) this was a simple concept that was carried off lightly and subtly and has no need of more words B) this was a very complex and intricate subject that I ran away from and avoided delving into C) I hate this story and decided to rattle it off as quickly as possible just to end my misery.

If you’ve been a long-time reader you’ll have picked up on the fact that option “C” pretty much always describes my mindset as my deadline draws near.  I lose all track of subjectivity and normalcy and can’t judge anything that’s coming out of my keyboard.  Whee.

Long-time readers will also recognize my usual Tuesday night/Wednesday morning before a deadline panicked rambling blather.  Real fans will know that the next thing I’m going to mention is that I don’t have a title yet.  Which I don’t.

I don’t know.  This story is short.  I’m going to go finish it.