Panic and a pleasant Sunday.


I really don’t have a ton to say nor a ton of time to say it in. To be honest I’m not completely recovered from New Orleans and all conscious thought is being dumped into assembling this week’s story which is going…well let’s not talk about this week’s story.

Instead I’ll just drop on here to mention that over at Inspiration Bit, Vivien has been kind enough to feature my story “Private Showing” in her weekly series “A Bit of Literature.” Basically, every Sunday Vivien has been posting a different short story, varying her authors to include a nice broad sampling of the short story craft as well as pursuing her own interests in philosophy and art. She’s ranged from Hemingway to Thomas Wolfe to Capek. It’s always interesting to see what she’ll pick each week and for a bit of Sunday night reading you could certainly do worse. Having grown to enjoy her column I inquired if she was interested in maybe featuring a current author and, well, there I am.

Seeing my name on her page was a nice bit of peacefulness in what is quickly becomming a week filled with nothing but panic over my deadline.

And, that being said, I really need to get back to writing.


  1. It was my honour to feature one of your stories, Joseph. I hope you won’t forget your first public appearance over at InspirationBit when one day you’ll make it really big. And when you publish your book of 26 stories, I hope you would send me a signed copy of your bestseller 🙂