Talking from beyond the grave.


Okay.  So I’m not dead.  But I am nowhere near a computer right now as this posts.  It’s a work of writing pre-packaged and set to go off Thurday night.  Whooooooo….spooky!

I didn’t want to miss a day.  Not that I have anything stunning to say.  Just to explain why, wherever in New Orleans I am right now, I probably have a stomach ache.

I feel like this story is getting very wobbly.  Actually, that’s not true.  It’s okay as far as it goes.  It’s just that since these Matthew and Epp stories are all starting to fall into one larger story, it’s getting difficult to make each one of them stand out.  Things need to be introduced and actions need to be taken that will come around to fruition later on.  But that means there might be some…intermediary stories that aren’t exactly gangbusters on their own.  Which I don’t like.  Each story should be gangbusters.  Or should at least contain a story in and of itself.  Which is where I’m getting into trouble.

I’ll put it this way. I’m finding it hard to write a sequence of stories and not chapters.  Which means I need to flesh out more of an arc for the current work.  Which means I need to let the hamster run and run and run on the wheel in the back of my head.  Which means I’ll always be a little nervous that he isn’t going to run far enough and come up with something before the deadline.  Which means my stomach hurts.  While I’m on vacation.

The things I do for you people.