They’re back…again

Placid Ocean


Because my life isn’t complicated enough I think it’s about to become official that the stories of Matthew and Epp will grow over the course of this project into their own book.  I don’t want to officially make it official, not yet.  I’m not sure why.  Fear mainly.  But a larger story for them is starting to fall into place in my head and if they pop up every third story or so I think it’ll work out just fine.  Assuming all the gaps I have get filled in.  I’m sure they will.

At any rate, I’ve got this week’s story.  I’m not too too worried about that (yet), but this new aspect of the project has all sorts of other permutations.  Like how to organize these stories so they’re together.  I think I can just change the category titles so that “Second Choice” becomes “Part One: Second Choice.”  And then “Three Lessons” becomes “Part Two: Three Lessons.”  Which actually has me laughing out loud right now.  I sort of dug myself into a bit of a hole by starting to name the stories in sequence.  I’ve decided not to continue that tradition.  It was cute while it lasted but I was never in love with “Second Choice” as a title and to force myself to come up with numbers for titles for the next…nine or so stories that take place in this world is just silly.  For starters, it’s all sorts of confusing as it is because the first story is the “Second” story.  Plus, I mean two and three were sort of easy, but six?  Seven?  Nine?  Forget it.  I’d be locking myself in some pretty stupid titles and I think that there will be far far far better titles to be had for these tales.

Although who knows.  Maybe I’m completely wrong and things will just sort of fall into place.  I’ve been wrong once or twice before.

My point here, though, is that they’re back.  Matthew and Epp are once again the centerpiece of this week’s story.  Lord help me.