Well I’m glad that mystery is solved.

 Writers Block

I’ve still got nothing.  And it’s starting to not seem like the kind of “I’ve got nothing” situation that should be joked about.  Sort of seems like I should start panicking and staring at people on the subway and pretending to order cups of coffee so I can eavesdrop on conversations and walking blocks and blocks out of my way so I can continue listening to conversations only it turns out it’s not really that interesting a conversation and that the lady’s boyfriend is just cheating on her.

I thought I had something on the subway today.  I found a girl to stare at.  I do that.  It helps me come up with characters and stories.  I stare at people.  I’m quite good at using my peripheral vision.  This girl was pretty attractive.  I mean, it’s not like I was staring at this girl just because she was attractive.  I stare at everyone.  I’m not a creep.  Okay, the first couple of seconds I might have been staring because she was attractive.

Look, this isn’t about me.

I’m so screwed.  I also chase down strange bits of knowledge and play around with Google trying to find answers to questions that have always sort of been in the back of my head.  Because of their threads, a screw has about 300 times the holding power of a nail; the threads increase the surface area that the wood can hold onto.  I think.  Also the Phillips-head wasn’t invented just to make things complicated, flat-headed screws work fine until you start trying to use power screwdrivers at which point it becomes difficult to keep your screwdriver in its slot and that cross-hatch pattern is needed to make sure it stays in place.

I’m so screwed.