Because I don’t feel like researching Mahjong and hot flashes, that’s why.


Things are running much smoother today.   Plus I got to eat Taco Bell for dinner.  I know that doesn’t sound that amazing but for some reason in Manhattan it’s surprisingly hard to do.  It’s like some sort of reverse convenience curse; I can get a Reuben sandwich at four in the morning, but most of the major fast foods are scattered pretty thin.  Except McDonald’s.  That I can get anywhere.  But if I want to eat at one of the other fast food chains I have to wait until I have an errand to run in a far away neighborhood and then plan a meal around it.  That either strikes you as delightfully childish or you threw up six sentences ago when I first mentioned Taco Bell.

I also got to do plenty of people watching as I wandered about.  It’s getting cold and it’s getting dark and that makes sitting on a bench and watching people more difficult.  Nobody walks and talks in the winter; they huddle and run.  I might have to start hanging out in bars by myself.  Or there’s the bus.  The bus is wonderful people watching.  And it doesn’t make me hungover.

At any rate, I saw one girl, her hair was moppishly short and she was somewhat elfish around the ears and nose with a Burberry collar on a camel hair jacket.   She looked sort of like what the lead in romantic comedies looks like when the lead in a romantic comedy is supposed to be a mousy librarian, even though I’ve never seen a librarian who was a day under eight hundred.  I’m not sure what, but I think there’s something there.  I need to bat her around in my head for awhile and see what pops out.  That probably didn’t come out right.

And then, on the bus, there were these two older women.  I think they were eighty.  Maybe they were fifty.  I’m not real good at guessing ages, but they were clearly old friends and had planned on meeting on the bus and one accidentally got on the wrong bus and they laughed and talked and poked fun at each the whole ride.  It was nice.

Completely unwritable by me, but nice.