Boy, they just keep coming, don’t they.


That didn’t last too long. I was riding a pretty nice wave there for a few days. As I mentioned, I managed to pull that last story together on nothing but two nights and a prayer. It felt good. It gave me a huge boost and made me feel like the next few stories would have to be absolute cake walks by comparison.

Only now the days are starting to tick by and I’m realizing…just barely…that I’ve got another deadline coming up on me and that I’ve got nothing whatsoever in the way of an idea for a story. And, ironically enough, I’m finding that because that last story was such a wing and a prayer sort of arrival, that I’m sort of lost as to how to go about forming this current one. These things keep coming one after the other and I tend to look back at the previous story for clues as to how on earth I do this. Anything farther back than that and it gets too blurry to be of use. Which means that part of me thinks that waiting until next Tuesday night and then deciding to completely revamp everything I’ve come up with until that point is the best way to go about writing a story. Which is not something I want to go through again.

So, yeah, I’ve got nothing. But at least I know I’ve got nothing and I’m not floating around in the ether under the impression that this will all magically come together. Back to work I suppose.