Completely Irrelevant

Northern Lights

Not much to say about this story. It’s coming in chunks. It’s almost like I’m interviewing a bunch of different people to learn about this character that’s forming. Only having it broken down into separate pieces doesn’t add anything, I’m pretty sure it actually detracts from the overall story, so I’ll have to sew this all together. Whatevs.

The place I go to get photos to put at the tops these posts always has some pretty cool pics on their main page. One of today’s was of the Northern Lights. Am I the only one who is always completely and utterly stunned by these things? I’m told they form because charged particles from space collide with molecules in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Right. Because that explains it.

Also I bought some Bon Jovi on I-tunes earlier. Somehow a good Jersey boy like me has gone an astoundingly long time without replacing his dubbed cassette tape of Slippery When Wet that was lost years ago. So this marks the first time I’ve listened to Livin’ on a Prayer while not at a bar in about a decade. I find it funny that the song now sounds strange to me if I’m not screaming along to it drunkenly at the top of my lungs.