Gobble gobble? Gobble…gobble. Gobble.


Woo-hoo! I get the day off tomorrow! No posts until Sunday. By which point I’d like to have the first draft of the current story done. If you haven’t listened to Skulcrusher Mountain…then I hate you? Go here and do so, or go here and watch a fan-created World of Warcraft based video. Don’t cost nothin’.

And while you’re listening, just for kicks, try and come up with a short story to write based on the song. Or, you know, you don’t have to write it, just what story would you tell? There’s a lot of choices to be had. A lot of decisions to be made. A lot of probability curves to be collapsed. For now we’ll focus on the details. God is, apparently, in them. The devil is in them as well. Also, sometimes there’s a guy named Herb in them.

It was, after all, the details of this song that were the biggest drawing point for me. It’s hard not to want to write a story and play around with them. I’ve already mentioned a few, but by now you’ve listened to the song as well. How many stuck with you? For me there is, of course, the half-monkey half-pony. That’s a given. There’s the golden submarine. The Doomsday Squad is wonderfully intriguing. They’re not merely henchman, they seem on a different level. Not necessarily higher, just different. And then there’s Scarface. But we’ll come back to him.

On top of all the visual details I keep noting more and more the constant advance and retreat of the guy’s courtship/politeness/sanity. He moves from romantic gesture to “Oh yeah? Well to hell with you too!” at least four different times throughout the song. And, of course, the voices inside his head. Although to be fair they’re telling him not to kill her.

Ah, young love.