I hate packing.


I don’t understand how I can spend a good hour carefully putting things into a suitcase, but three milliseconds after I zip it up I’ve forgotten entirely what I’ve packed.  Nor do I understand why I bother counting how many days a trip is going to last for when I just end up throwing every t-shirt I own into my bag.  And I really don’t understand why I get all nervous about forgetting something when I’ve forgotten something every single time I’ve traveled and I always simply buy a new whatever it was when I get there.  You’d think I’d realize by now that I’m almost better off forgetting everything and starting anew at my location.

I’m off until Sunday.  The story is all set to post and I might decide to write something to go off on Friday as well.  Also there will be two countdown timers for a day and a half.  Trust me.  It’s just easier that way.

Consider me unplugged.