In this metephor I am the baby chicken.



I finally got around to posting an “About Me” page.  It’s up there at the top with all the other pages.   You know you’ve been dying to learn more .  Well it’s all there: my torrid love affair with Jean Harlow,  the wild times spent training monkeys and, of course, presented by popular demand, the Corduroy Years.  Or something.

Also there’s a picture of me, but as I mention I’m wearing a tie and I don’t do that very often.  You have to imagine me wearing something cooler. Maybe training a monkey.

Also also, I wound up using some old parts of other Bios I’ve written.  I think I can do better on the last part.  That seemed sort of dated to me.

I have no idea how the next few weeks are going to go.  There’s Turkey day and I have a wedding I’ll be leaving for the Wednesday after, so I actually won’t be around for my deadline.  The plan right now is to finish the story up early (Hahahahahaha!) and set it to post at the normal time.  We’ll see what’s what.