My usual pre-deadline blather.


Keep in mind that my deadline is now tomorrow night because I’ll be out of town starting Wednesday morning.  So all the nonsense gets pushed up by a day.

While I’m gone if you leave a comment and haven’t done so before your comment won’t show up for awhile.  I have to approve first timer’s comments and I won’t get a chance to do that until I get back.  I have to approve you because I already get a ton of spam comments here and making sure you’re for real the first time you comment seems the easiest way to keep spam at a minimum.   Today I had four spam comments.  Two were for “Uneven Parallel Bars,” one was for “The Best Reclining Chair,” and another was for an online pharmacy.

I can understand the pharmacy, and the myriad of sex related spam I get most other days, but uneven bars?  A reclining chair? Granted, I’m not entirely sure I’m reading them right.  A lot of them are just gibberish and I think they expect me to let the comment onto my site and then they expect you to click on the name they give, thinking it’s a real person, and wind up at their site.  I’m pretty sure that’s their game most of the time.  Some of them, though, almost get by me because they sort of sound like real people.

For that matter, is there even a difference to me between a person commenting on a story and a spam virus propagating itself by commenting on a story while sounding as much like a person as possible?

I should probably go to bed now.