On the whole, this is a very weird experience.

Mad Scientist

Have you given it a listen? For those of you with no idea what I’m talking about, my next story will be based on a song by Jonathan Coulton called Skullcrusher Mountain. Go here. It’s the third song down in the “Most Popular” list.

For some idea of why I chose this look at yesterday’s post.

Now. Again. Have you given it a listen? Remember you get to share the inspiration material with me. That song is going to turn into Epp, or nights at the Jersey shore, or an eighty year old hit man. I mean, I’m not saying that I’m going to alter things drastically. My story will use the characters, setting, and basic plot that’s given in the song. What I’m saying is that you’re going to see something very “me” come out of something that isn’t me. You’ll understand in a week. Just stick around.

Okay, so at first listen what you probably noticed is that the song is strangely touching. This is fairly trademark of Mr. Coulton. Strangely touching. Touching strangely. The song’s got heart and I find myself identifying pretty easily with the unnamed evil genius who’s telling this tale. He’s human. In fact, he’s quite sympathetic. Endearing even. You get the sense that he’s not a bad guy, he’s just very very very out of touch. I even feel bad now for constantly referring to him as an evil genius. Not that that’s going to stop.

A favorite moment of insight for me comes with the half-monkey half-pony which our guy gives as a gift to his crush/captor. The hope in his voice is touching. Clearly he thinks this is really going to win the girl over. Then we get my favorite line. “But I get the feeling that you don’t like it. What’s with all the screaming?” Never fails to make me chuckle. This gift is attempting to bridge some very serious cultural divides. Our guy has no idea what’s gone wrong. It’s like if you were to bake a double fudge chocolate cake for someone as a housewarming gift, only it turns out they’re diabetic. You’d get a very opposite reaction from what you expected, most likely a little talk about how consuming said cake could cause your neighbor to start losing appendages, maybe some huffiness at your ignorance, maybe some polite deflecting on their part to try and minimize your cake faux pas. It would then take a very special brand of obliviousness on your end to ingest this information and take nothing away from it but the thought that maybe things went wrong because you used the wrong kind of icing. That’s exactly what this guy does. His gift is a failure of colossal proportions, his target of woo is now running around screaming, yet at no point does the gift itself come into question. He never doubts for a second that Love of Ponies + Love of Monkeys = Love of Reanimated Pony and Monkey Corpses. Instead he questions his recipe. “Maybe I used too many monkeys.”

What we have here via bumbling confusing is a very clear indication of vulnerable humanity…in a man casually trying to destroy the world.

Very writable.

Okay, this is getting to be a very long post so I’ll leave off here and pick up tomorrow. If you haven’t listened yet, go here and do so. And while you’re doing so, give some thought to what short story you’d tell based on this song.