Probably won’t be winning any awards for this riveting post.


I’ll be honest.  I’ve got nothing.  I’ve got nothing as far as the current story goes.  I’ve got nothing interesting to say about my day.  And I’ve certainly got nothing interesting happening to me today that relates in any way to the current story.  Today was simply a blank spot in the space time continuum.  I’m just sitting here with nothing inside my head slowly working my way through my DVR.  I can’t even remember what I had for dinner.

Actually, this is starting to sound a little weird.  I think maybe I need a weekend off.  Two weekends ago was a bachelor party, last weekend was the marathon and I also accidentally wound up playing beer pong.  Also it was Clock Day, so it’s starting to get dark out at like three in the afternoon.

Basically I think my own mental clock has yet to reset.  Until then I’ll just be wandering through the stratosphere, rather lost, without a story to tell.  Thank god my deadline isn’t for another ten days.  Or nine days.  Or whatever it is.