Salinger Challenger

Catcher in the Rye

I think I’ve got my story.

I’ll rephrase that. I know I’ve got my story I just have no idea how it’s going to all come together. I’m a huge J. D. Salinger fan and a favorite of mine has always been Seymour: An Introduction. Granted, Salinger only has four books out there, so saying that Seymour is one of my favorites doesn’t exactly mean a lot. Even if it was my most hated of all J. D. Salinger works it would still rank fourth.

But that’s not the point. The point is that Seymour is a first person rambling by Buddy Glass about his brother, Seymour Glass. The Glass family appear all over the place in Salinger’s work and by picking over his stories and books you can begin to compile a family portrait that’s one of the more amazing things ever created in literature. But, to return to my initial point, Seymour: An Introduction is a rambling first person narrative where Buddy tries to explain his brother. And that’s where this week’s story is coming from.

I’m not saying I’m trying to channel Salinger by any means, or that I’ll be anywhere near the mood or themes of the Glass family, but writing a character in first person trying to piece together someone close to them sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try it.

Oh, and if you recall, way back when I started writing “Second Choice” I mentioned that I had started out with nothing but a guy at a wedding. Then things took a different turn, but I think if I had turned left instead of right with that story I would have wound up somewhere close to this week’s story. Point being, once again I’m starting with nothing but a guy at a wedding.