Something A Little Different

I recently signed up for a Creative Commons license. There’s a button over in the sidebar now. Basically this is an organization that creates copyright licenses for mass consumption which aim for a middle ground between complete control and complete freedom. In other words, you allow free usage of your work based on a couple of requirements, and you can pick and choose between a couple of different versions to suit your needs. Whatever. Jonathan Coulton says it’s good, and he’s the guy this site is based on. Basically I just do whatever Jonathan Coulton tells me to do.

I’m a little hazy on some aspects of Creative Commons in all seriousness. Not that I don’t understand their goal, but in my mind copyright has always had the sort of flexibility that they’re striving for, so I’m not sure I entirely get it. At times I feel like I’m taking part in a great experiment in free culture while retaining my rights as an artist to receive proceeds for my work. At other times I feel like I just added a new button to my sidebar because Jonathan Coulton has an irrational fear of talking to lawyers.

That’s all irrelevant. Here’s the real point. To celebrate my new sidebar button (whatever its implications) I have decided to base next Thursday’s story on one of Coulton’s songs. See, I can do that because of his Creative Commons license. As long as I credit him, don’t sell his ideas for commercial profit, and I agree to share alike, this is all cool.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I have decided to do this for a few reasons (#2 I think is pretty neat).

#1. Ease. I’ve got Thanksgiving in here and a truncated week after that due to a wedding so I could use a light week. Since I’m using a song that (obviously) already exists I’ll have preexisting story and characters to draw from so that should make things easier.

#2. You, dear reader, will be able to see what’s there from the start. Get it? I couldn’t show you “guy at wedding” that became Matthew. I couldn’t play you the sound of billiard balls clicking together that became “Private Showing.” I couldn’t let you feel the sandy hair that became “Black Eyed Susan.” But I can point you to the song I’m going to be basing this story on. You’ll get to listen to it, create your own images, walk with me as I examine it, then see where I go with it when you read the story. This is huge. Huge! Like Vader is Luke’s father huge. Okay, maybe not quite that huge, but huge nonetheless. Huge I tell you! Huge! So go here. It’s the third song on the “Most Popular” list. It’s called “Skullcrusher Mountain.” It’s about an evil genius who finds himself falling in love with one of his hostages. Oh yeah. Here’s a video someone made using World of Warcraft. Here’s a video someone illustrated. Bring it. Which takes us to…

#3. Fun. There’s a henchman named Scarface, an evil genius, a golden submarine. I get to play. A lot. Good times.

#4. Maybe I can poach some of Coulton’s fans. Er…did I say “poach?” I mean establish of bridge of creativity by which our two mediums can share a oh to hell with it maybe I can poach some of Coulton’s fans.

That’s it. Let’s see how this goes. Also the site I get pictures from isn’t loading.