It’s a safe bet this is all just me procrastinating.


I have wormholes on the brain.  Which is just so nerdy.  This picture is of a wormhole.  Simple, right?  So clearly I’m going to have to set this story in the future…because of course it has to have wormholes in it.  Only now I’m sitting around part watching South Park and part thinking about how to go about building the future.  What light bulbs will look like.  What sort of clothes people will be wearing.  What they’ll eat.  Things like that.  It’s fun and completely and utterly pointless.  Which is the sort of thing I enjoy spending my time thinking about.  That and Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage.  And the wealth of nations.  And the brotherhood of man.  I think they’re all the same thing.  I’ll write a story about that at some point.

Where was I?

Okay.  Back to work.  Morons and wormholes.  Just like I promised myself yesterday.