It’s possible I overstepped myself here.


I’m taking on some rather large characters in this story. Researching them correctly is turning out to be problem number one. But in the end I’m pretty sure what I’ll end up doing is getting a nice relaxed grip on things and then running like hell for daylight ignoring any and all discrepancies between my story and reality. It’s always worked in the past.

The second problem, and one that has caused me to bang my forehead on my desk any number of times so far, is that this is mostly one long flashback, and that flashback spans sixty years or so and I’m not coming up with any very good way of moving forward through those years. I don’t want to just put a section break in and then start the first sentance of the next section, “It was twenty years later and…” but really I’m not real sure what else to do. I get the feeling that it would be very easy to go overboard with cleverness to solve this problem.

I think simpler is probably better here.

I looked up “overloaded” and got the header photo. Get it? Now that’s clever.