I’ve earned my treat.


That last story was all sorts of weird. I haven’t written a recap for a story in a while but I’m toying with the idea of doing one for next week because that was…odd. I found myself researching things all over the place, just pulling things out of the air and forcing myself to at least try and learn them so I could approach them as naturally as possible when it came time to use them in the story. Weird stuff.

But for now I get to relax a bit and watch a whole bunch of Season 4 of The Wire.

And since this is a post-story-post, I’m going to once again mention that if you like what you’re reading, please tell a friend. Spread the word a bit.

And if you haven’t been acquainted with Matthew and Epp yet than you should really give Second Choice a read and go from there. There’s some interesting things afoot.