Something witty.

It just hit me that I have a story due in a week.  I’ve been thinking about my story and on some level I knew it was due but it hadn’t exactly sunk in yet.  There always is a bit of a natural high after finishing a Matthew and Epp story that blinds me to the project as a whole.  They have a lot of momentum behind them and I reenter a much larger world and it takes me…well I guess it takes me about a week to stop tinkering with that world and get back to other stories.   Also I’m not trying to do calculus anymore, which is nice.

Plus it’s Christmas next week, so on the one hand I have days off but on the other they’ll be filled with family and food and gifts and good cheer and all that crap.  I guess what sunk in a few hours ago was that I basically have to write this whole story on Saturday because I’m not going to be guaranteed any other free time.

Rock on.