Stupid time traveling personality disorder

The problem with having my story already is that I think I have my story already.  I’ve got most of the basic structure worked out, which is good, except that it’s also meaningless.  Nothing but nothing but nothing can take the place of sitting down and typing 5,000 words.  I mean, I could have my story completely fleshed out, have an outline (I don’t do that often but occasionally I will) and all sorts of notes, but things will always change rather significantly between all that and the actual written word.

Sometimes you kind of get the feeling that the notes and fleshing out and thinking is all sort of a waste since you’re just going to make up a bunch of crap when you start typing anyway.


Point is I’m being my usual procrastinating self and have it in my head that since so much of this story is worked out I don’t need to start writing it yet.  Yes.  Because why would I ever want to get a head start on one of these stories? Oh, Future-Joe is going to be mighty angry with Past-Joe in a few days.