This was bound to happen eventually.

So I seriously underestimated how much family time I’d be putting in this week and how far along I’d be on my story by now.  Which is not very far at all.

Even then I’d be doing okay if I hadn’t come down with a cold or a flu or one of those things…I never know the difference.  Whatever I’ve got I’m feverish and not able to stay awake for large amounts of time.  Anyway, there’s very little chance of me putting together a story by tomorrow so I think I’m going to be calling a do-over for the first time since I started this project.

Sorry.  Once every six months isn’t so bad.  I don’t know if I’ll be pushing this story back a full two weeks or if I’ll try and finish it up ASAP and then work on getting story 14 done by it’s previously scheduled time or what.  Right now I’m just going to work on getting through the week, eating chicken soup, and getting myself healthy.


  1. I hope you are feeling better and back on track soon…