Where’s that damned socket?


Five days in the Bahamas at a wedding has done strange things to my mind. Granted, it was a fantastic wedding and an amazing time. I was right in the meaty part of the wedding curve. I always figure that the closer you are to the center of things at a wedding the better. You’re friends or family with a higher percentage of people there and you get to meet and greet with the total strangers at the rehearsal dinner before the big party so you have more familiar faces when the actual day shows up. Too far, though, and things become too hot and you’re too centered.

Basically, being a groomsman is about the best. A nice central role, everyone knows you’re close to the wedding party, but you have no responsibilities whatsoever. I was a little past that in the role of best man. Best man’s got to give a speech, and that changed things a bit. It’s still nice, though. At least I wasn’t the actual groom.

I’m not married so I can’t verify this, but on the whole I get the feeling that the bride and groom are the two people at the wedding who get to enjoy it the least. There’s a little too much responsibility, a little too much required socializing, a little too much stress. There are exceptions, of course, and by the end of the night, once the speeches are over, and there’s no need to worry about the caterer, and there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the band, then everybody certainly gets to have fun. But I’m pretty sure that the groomsmen get to have the most fun for the longest period of time.

Anyway, it was a great weekend and it was nice to unplug for real for the first time since I started this project.

Plugging back in is going a little rough. I think I’m still on Island Time. But I’ll figure it out…manana.